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Posted on April 4, 2017 at 6:20 AM

Lincolnshire v Cheshire

For the penultimate match in the BICC season, Lincolnshire took the 3 hour drive to the mighty County of Cheshire, now Cheshire was 3rd in the division and have been a premier team for many years, and this weekend was always going to be a mouthwatering encounter.

We started as always with the Ladies B, and to be totally honest , this section has really' dug deep' over the past few matches, and pulled out some great wins, this weekend proved to be pivotal in our quest to stay in the premier division, the girls took 4 of the 6 points on offer and got us off to a great start, points came from Layla Bontoft, Bobbi Hughes and Julie Lambie ( on her 75th appearance for Lincolnshire), but the lady of the match this time went to Shelley Bontoft-Gash with a single dart average of 19.78.

On to the Mens B, and again we were in for some great games and managed to take 7 points out of a strong Cheshire side, wins came from Johnny Baker, Lloyd Pennell, Shane Lowe, Lee Price, Dan Whitlam and a first win in his County career for young Leighton Bennett, but wth a single dart average of 27.82, Jock Watt took the match award, and with it, promotion into Sunday's play along with Lloyd Pennell.

The B team gave us a great start to the weekend and to be fair, we were unlucky not to have taken a few more points, but hey, I'll take an 11-7 B team win any day of the week.

It has to be said, we got a disastrous start to Sunday's play, our Ladies A had, well , I think some would would call it a "mare", I say , it was a bad day at the office, and we all have them, what makes it so hard to swallow for me, is the quality of the ladies A side, and then to lose 1-5, but we will put this one down to experience and move on, we managed 1 point, i'm going to talk a little more about this particular point at the end of this write up, the ladies A match award went to Dawn Armstrong with a single dart average of 17.88.

Well what can you say about the magnificent Mens A, ( I know how to pick em!!!). Going into this final section the score line stood at 12-12 and with the Cheshire team on a roll, you would be forgiven for thinking we were facing our 4th team loss this season, but the Lincolnshire Mens A had other ideas, I witnessed some fantastic games, I mean some real " scraps" were had by most of the men and i'm pleased to say that Lincolnshire came off the victors, and we deserved it, a couple of games stood out for me, the first was Adam Beck, half way through his game, he had absolutely no Bussiness at all of winning that game, but that guy 'Dug deep" and pulled off one of the finest wins I've seen in a long time, Micky Taylor, in my option is one of Lincolnshire's "class acts", his game seems to just (fly under the radar), and before you know it, he's whipped your ass, both these guys are a pleasure to watch and captain, however, their point meant no more, or less than the other 5 guys that won. The other winners in this section came from the quality Mark Forman, Lloyd Pennell (2nd point of the weekend), Adam Ward ( another scrap), and another "Stella" performance from Karl Jon Forrington, all these men, take a bow, but there can be only 1, and it came from a guy that has literally took this season ( by the scruff of the neck), Mark Wadey Wilson blasted his way to a 4-0 win with a single dart average of 29.47.

Lincolnshire win 19-17 and in doing so have just about secured our place in the premier for another season, and I'll say again ( god I can pick a team!!!!!) lol.

Before I sum up the weekend I must go back to Dawn Armstrong's game, now it wasn't her best performance by far, however, that 1 point she got us, as far as i'm concerned, was worth 4 points this game, it was a point that came at the lowest part of the weekend, and it just may have been the most important point of the weekend, and although at the time ( i'm pulling my hair out) when we are losing points I don't believe we ought to be, on hindsight, we are so lucky to have players such as Dawn, that give their all for Lincolnshire, and by that I suppose I mean each and every one of you, and I'd just like to say , I feel truly privileged to be a part of Lincolnshire with you.

And so on to the final game of the season (Essex), and its time to make a prediction , now it's looking like our friends from Essex are going to be relegated into division 1, but just because they have had a rough season, DO NOT EXPECT AN EASY RIDE, these guys are quality, and it would be just our luck for Essex to hit form all on the final BICC weekend against us. So with all due respect, we will treat this final game of the season as if it was the first.

So as I sit here in the Spanish sunshine, it's now time for me to sign off, I hope you all enjoy reading this months "write up", and I luck forward to seeing you all next month for our final match at the Blues Club,

But for now as always



The Only way is Essex

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM


For the final County match of the season, Lincolnshire travelled to Chelmsford to play the County of Essex, The last time we played Essex we got an 18-18 draw, however, we knew they had played very strong this season, and we were sitting in 7th position, with only a few points separating the bottom 4, and everything to play for.

I'll say right now, I will try and mention everyone in the team, but with 36 of you, its not going to be easy, so here goes'.

We get started with the ladies B, Paula had dropped into this section, firstly because, with losing the last match, she was eligible, secondly, we thought Sue's win 2 months earlier inspired the ladies to an overall win, and thirdly, it just shows character to the rest of the team, (never ask of others, what you cant do yourself). First player up, Sharon Magan, and gets us our first point of the weekend, and last lady on, Julie Lambie gets us a 3-3 draw, I think the intensity of the weekend played a huge part in Chris Vietch and Emma Tomlinson's game, with the nerves really showing, and Laura Tye was so unlucky in her game, but we will take a 3-3 draw ladies B section every month, but it was back to the second game of the day for the match award, Paula did the job she set out to do, nothing fancy, just a steady controlled 3 leg game with 100% check out rate earning her a single dart average of 20.59. Its fair to say , this section has struggled this season, Lincolnshire will find it so much easier if, this section can lift its single dart average by just 1.5 to 2 points, hitting that all important double (quicker), is the key, we will stand by you ladies, we are in it together!.

On to the men's B section, and it was perhaps the most disappointing result of the weekend, we managed just 3 points, this was a huge blow to us, although we cannot and will not take anything away from a very strong Essex side, 3 of my guys, ought to left that stage winners, however, it wasn't to be, and Essex, (quite deservedly), went on to win the entire premier division men's B section, well done Essex men. But back to our guys, and they are all there for a reason, all of them at some point or another, won for Lincolnshire in the past, winners this time round was Scott Bennett and Craig Hill, we were treated to some thrilling 7 leg games, but sadly lost all of them accept Craig's, i'm hopeful that our new 'signee' ,Mark Foreman, enjoyed his experience enough play next year!!!, and to all those that lost, it turned out that your losses just added to the drama of the weekend, as I've said before, we win as a team, we lose as a team. But there can be only one, and this match award has been a long time coming, 'step up Jonny B', a barrage of heavy scoring, plus some 'razor sharp' doubles, gave Jon Bywater a single dart average of 28.45, and the highest Lincolnshire men's winning average of the weekend.

We end Saturdays play 12-6 down, and one extremely unhappy captain lol.

Sunday morning arrives, and with it, fresh outlook, i'm thinking, lets get a good draw, and another season in the premier is still possible. A good draw was hoped for, and that's exactly what we got, so much so, that was what I based my team talk around, unfortunately, the Essex ladies played a 'blinder', and I didn't see it coming, now that's not to say I underestimated the Essex ladies, individually they are all extremely good, but they all hit it together and got 4 great points, and to be honest they were close to a perfect 6, luckily for Lincolnshire, we had Heather Lodge, who can (and has) fought for England lol, and an 'ex winmau' world master in Laura Tye, both ladies got the win, and with it 2 valuable points, but this time it was Laura who took the match award, with a single dart average of 21.98. I'm a huge fan of the ladies game, and this weekend saw 10 ladies from Essex and Lincolnshire achieve a 20+ single dart average, you put on a show for us ladies, and i'd like to thank you for that.

And so on to the final section of the weekend, and my fantastic Lincolnshire men's A, I cannot tell you how much I promote the Lincolnshire men's A, whenever I get the chance to talk about them, I do so with so much pride, they have rose to the challenge on so many occasions, I , like so many others, depend on them, and why shouldn't I?, I cannot speak about them without saying the words awesome, fantastic, as that is what they are, and today, they didn't disappoint, although , it didn't always look that way. We lost the first game, Adam Beck won us the second, Lloyd Pennell narrowly missed the 122 on the bull, losing the 3rd game with a single dart average of 29.29, we took the 2nd and 3rd point from Mark Blackwell and Craig Hill, now folks, at this point in time, i'm sat on the top table, laptop on with darts for windows on the Hampshire / Cornwall match, I pad with darts for windows on Devon / Warwickshire, and I watch Karl Forrington, Chris Fidler and Jock What, do 'not much wrong', and still lose, and to put it mildly, i'm starting to feel a little nauseous, step up Simon Stainton, from 2-0 down, Simon won 4 straight legs and got our 4th point in the section, it was then that Cornwall reached 18 points in their match, meaning, Lincolnshire needed just 1 point to stay in the Premier Division. it was the time for 'Drill Bit' to take to the stage, and I've got to say, Micky Taylor has become one of those guys, where you think, 'yep, were gonna do this', Micky kept his nerve, just as I've come to expect him to, although the game did have its moments, in fact when he was called on tops for the win, I had to look away, the room was silent, every person there knew the importance of his next 3 darts, I heard Micky's first dart hit the board ( thud), and a slight gasp, then I heard his second dart hit the board( thud), and the room erupted, WERE IN THE PREMIER AGAIN!!!.

I think the best compliment Lincolnshire can get, is when the opposing team then all come and congratulate you on staying in the Division, and that my friends, make me very proud. With no disrespect meant to either side's players, the last 2 points were 'run of the mill' for my guys, yes all 4 guys remaining wanted to win, and needed to for themselves, but it almost felt like the match had ended with Micky's point, and to be honest, that's a little disappointing, because the final 2 games from Adam Ward and Dean Baker, were just as entertaining as the 16 games before, and I for one am glad it didn't come down to a 1 game shoot out, as its been so many times in the past, never the less, both Adam and Dean won their points for Lincolnshire, and that's nothing less than I expect from them 2 men. But back to the match award, this time it went to a young guy that has only played 'treble board' for a year or so, its his first season for Lincolnshire, and his A team debut, Craig Hill impressed so much, I promoted him from the previous day's play, he got 2 points over the weekend, and took the A team match award with a single dart average 27.43. The mighty Lincolnshire men, win this section 7-5, over a very good Essex team,Lincolnshire boys, take a bow.

The final score was 21-15, and I could not be more proud.

If you ask any of Lincolnshire's team or supporters, what is the team they look forward to playing the most, the majority will say Essex, we have a fantastic time with you, be it home or away, win, lose or draw, we have great friends within Essex, and I for one cant wait till the last game of next season and I've got to say special thanks to Lynn Kelly, (and she knows why).

Lincolnshire, together we have made Lincolnshire history, never before have we made 3 consecutive years in the Premier Division, what makes me proud, is the fact that, at the start of my captaincy nearly 6 years ago, lets say, a few people were a little (sceptical) lol, but together, we have made history for Lincolnshire, we've made ground breaking decision's, and its come good, your belief in both me and Paula, makes our jobs easy, never let it be said, that any one person has done more than any other for our great county, we've done it together, and made ourselves a cutting edge Premier team, and that, is something special.

On to 2016/2017 season lets hope its as great as this ones been.

but for now, Lincolnshire, as ever YOUR CAPTAINS SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Des Jacklin


Posted on April 4, 2016 at 5:05 AM

Lincolnshire v Cheshire


For the penultimate game of the BICC match, Lincolnshire hosted the mighty county of Cheshire, with both counties on level points, and only 2 spaces away from the relegation zone, there was everything to play for.

We got underway with the Ladies B, but unfortunately the Lincolnshire girls couldn't find the same quality of game they had found the previous month, managing a disappointing 1 point. This point however, came from a Lady "desperate" for a win, it may come as a shock to you the reader that this Lady has not won a county game for almost 2 full seasons, despite having the highest average on most occasions, but with an emotional and nail biting 3-2 win, Julie Lambie left the stage with a single dart average of 14.70 and the match award, onwards and upwards Ju Ju.

The Lincolnshire men's B claimed 5 of the 12 points on offer, and I have to say at this point, I feel we ought to have had 2 more points fair and square in this section, however, it's them that hit 4 doubles that claim the match, winners were, Craig Hill, Steve Hamill and Andy Bingham, before I go onto the match award, I need to speak about the Paul Kirkham v Mark Jodrill game, whilst this match was being played, it was quite obvious to all, that Mark ( Cheshire ) was in some distress, so much so that at 3-2 the match had to be stopped, it was explained to me that Mark has an ongoing condition that made it necessary to stop the game, Mark was taken outside, and after 20 or so minutes, a decision was made for mark to carry on the game, I have to say in fairness to both players, I must have been difficult for both, Mark was not the same player after the break as he was at the start of the match, but all credit to Lincolnshire's Paul Kirkham for having the resolve to hit 2 winning doubles to take the match, it was unfortunate circumstances for both players and one I'm sure neither will forget in a hurry, might I also add, I have since spoken to Mark, and he's hopeful on a full recovery, and all of Lincolnshire sends their best wishes to him. Back to the match award, and their can be only one, this time a very controlled performance was put in by the guy from Mablethorpe, Kev Tomlinson left the stage with a single dart average of 26.85, well done that man.

The scores on the doors, 12-6 in Cheshire's favour

Onto Sunday and the Ladies A, we ended this section 3-3, so I suppose a good result in this section, wins came from Dawn Armstrong and SBG, but it was last lady on that took the match award "Super Sue Edwaeds". This Lady has slipped into the Lincolnshire team with a touch of class, for me, her win was never in doubt, but with it she took the lady of the match award along with a single dart average of 22.43, and you just know there's more in the tank !!!.

We start the final section of the weekend 9-15 down, STEP UP THE MIGHTY LINCOLNSHIRE MEN!!!, I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lincolnshire has one of the finest men's A sections in the country, and have pulled of some fantastic wins in their time, but none more so needed than this one, winners were Rob Hewson, Adam Ward, Micky Taylor, Adam Beck, Simon Stainton, Joby Booth, Lloyd Pennell and Chris Fidler, each and every one of these men were absolutely fantastic, but one stood "taller" lol , than the rest Jock Watt put in one of his finest performances, taking the match award with a single dart average of 28.24, Lincolnshire men's A, "take a bow".

I have to say, for one reason or another, the county weekend has got to be one of the most memorable ones, it had everything, great darts, fantastic people and more drama than Eastenders and Corrie, and to cap it off, after a disappointing Saturday, we got a draw, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Cheshire all the very best for their final match of the season, and I hope we both stay in the premier division so you can show us your hospitality again next season.

Lincolnshire, 19 points this weekend and a great result, but let's not kid ourselves, changes have to be made for the final match of the season, it's to close not to, and for me, there's just to much at stake, I want Lincolnshire to stay in the premier division, never before has Lincolnshire had 3 consecutive years in the premier division, let's make it a first ehh!!!

But for now, as always, Lincolnshire


Des Jacklin

Lincolnshire v Devon

Posted on February 8, 2016 at 10:05 AM

For the 6th game of the BICC County season, Lincolnshire took on the mighty county of Devon

We started as usual with the Ladies B, and unfortunately, this section didn't get the start that Lincolnshire was hoping for, this was due mainly to a strong Devon side, there was a few positives to take from the games played , but ultimately, we didn't manage to get a point, lessons to learn!.

Onto the men's B, and we managed a 6-6 draw, points in this section came from Kev Tomlinson, Jon Bywater, Chris Fidler, Steve Hamill, and another "Stella" performance from Martin Bell, but the match award, with a blistering 32.32 single dart average was "Prince Charming" himself, Karl Forrington. A great draw from the men's B section, and we was unlucky not to get 2 more points, but on the whole, a solid performance.

Over night we are 12-6 in the red

Onto Sunday's games, and not the best draw for the Ladies A, we managed 2 points, not surprising though when you see the Devon side, they have a couple of "stand out" players, but on the whole, one of the strongest teams in the Country with no easy games, heather Connerton got Lincolnshire's First Ladies point of the weekend in what can only be described as a "nightmare" game, but scrapped her way to the win, the only other point took the match award, Paula"KICKASS"Jacklin left the stage with a single dart average of 22.46, well done to the Mrs on this one, an expected point carries so much pressure.

And finally we come onto the men's A section, and I'll say it right now, Lincolnshire men's A "TAKE A BLEEDING BOW" you were simply fantastic, even Devon said how great you were, we lost the first point, this saw a 17-8 score line in Devon's favour, "UNLEASH THAT CAN OF WHOOPASS" lol, points came thick and fast, here's the winners, Adam " THE. SCRAPPER"Ward, Simon Stainton,Mark Blackwell,Jock "THE COP" Watt, Karl Forrington, Rob Hewson, Micky Taylor and Adam " BLUE STEEL" Beck, a great winning men's A weekend. With the final game to play, Devon had the all important 18th point, the weekend came down to 1 final game, and it has to be said, (both men, both great players, both overcome by nerves), and who cud blame them, in the end, Lincolnshire lose 17-19, but deserved winners Devon take the 3 bonus points. But back to the match award, and when this guy makes a come back, he don't do it in half measures, I say come back, it may have gone unnoticed to some, but this guy has lost a couple of games of late, but not content with just a win and a County point, this man takes the match award too, part of the Lincolnshire team " back bone ", Dean " THE ONE AND ONLY" Baker left the stage with a single dart average of 27.66, well done that man and welcome back !

I cannot remember a better weekend of darts, the Devon players were absolutely fantastic and a credit to the sport, every game was played in great spirits, and it feels good when you know that Devon feels the same, and on behalf of Lincolnshire, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Devon, all the very best for the remainder of the year.

I really hope that we stay in premier this season, if for no other reason than to travel to Devon, to give them the chance to return the hospitality, this was a similar feeling I had last year with Essex, and we got them in 2 months.

And so, only 3 matches left to play, and miraculously we go up a place in the division, ( out of the relegation zone) , it would be fair to say that this season has not gone in the way I had hoped it would, however, I'm experiencing it with a great bunch of people, my Lincolnshire friends, and friends we are all making at other counties.

It was a loss this weekend Lincolnshire, but I've never meant the following more.

Lincolnshire,,,, YOUR CAPTAINS SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yorkshire v Lincolnshire

Posted on October 5, 2015 at 5:55 AM


For the 2nd match in the BICC 2015/2016 season, Lincolnshire took the short trip to the the mighty county of Yorkshire.

Before I continue with this write up, I will tell you all now, I will not be submitting this report to darts world, this time, this report is purely for Lincolnshire, and on that note, I will be as honest as I can be !!

I have absolutely no idea what went wrong with the men's and ladies B team as we managed only 1 point out of 18 on Saturdays play, the simple fact is, if you have chances at doubles and miss, you have no one, and nothing else to blame other than yourself, As you all know by now, I'm very honest with my reports, and I have to say, I'm gutted with a 17-1 defeat, I do not believe we deserved that, I'm extremely disappointed, I can't, and won't hide it. Having said all the above, there was 1 winning game, it was the first man on, Shane Lowe made no mistake of his purpose, and left the stage a 4-2 winner, with a single dart average of 24.35.

I also have to say, congratulations to Yorkshire, although we handed them at least 6 games, they took their chances when they got them, and hit those all important doubles.

We start Sunday as usual with the ladies A, and we manage a 3-3 draw, points came from Sbg ( back on form) , Heather Connerton ( who played a great game), but the match award with a single dart average of 24.49 , and an absolute blistering game, went to Tammy Montgommery, Tammy and Paula both say inside the premier top 10 ladies.

We move onto the men's A, and we managed to claw back a few games, wins came from Andy Bingham, Adam Beck, Dean Baker ( with 3 x 180's), but Lincolnshire's match award, went to a guy that played a very controlled game, Chris Fidler left the stage with a 4-2 win, with a single dart average of 28.81. Worth noting, Chris, Lloyd and Dean, a stay inside the top 20 men in the premier division.

I still think I'm in shock of the defeat we suffered at the hands of Yorkshire, if anyone had said to me before the weekend started that we would only win 1 game on Saturday, I would have gladly bet everything against it, but it happened, and we just have to learn from it, and try our best to put it right next time.

The good news is, even with this crushing defeat, Lincolnshire are still 5th in the premier division, and that's 3 places higher than we was this time last season.

So now we don't have a match until 28th November, when we take on Warwickshire at home ( blues club Gainsborough), what we need to do, is implement what we've learned this weekend, and get back on track, my goal for Lincolnshire, is to simply stay in the premier, right now after this weekend, wouldn't you take that scenario now???

But for now, LINCOLNSHIRE ,

your captains salute you!!!

Des jacklin


Posted on September 7, 2015 at 9:10 AM



For the first county match of the 2015/16 season, Lincolnshire hosted the county of Cambridgeshire , and for the first time this season we got started with the ladies B, as captains, we thought the draw was tough for the ladies , and Cambridgeshire quickly took the first 3 points, Dawn Barnard got Lincolnshire's first point, followed by Layla "baby bird" Bontoft, but it was last lady on who took the match award, Lindsey Wingell left the stage a 3-2 winner with a single dart average of 16.49, The ladies B did their job well, and earned Lincolnshire a 3-3 draw.


We move onto the men's B, and this would prove to be one of the finest men's B performances in Lincolnshire's history, we took the first 4 points, and it has to be said, we was unlucky not to take the fifth point as well , but with the last 5 points in the bag, the mighty Lincolnshire men's B won this section 10-2, and this, against a very seasoned Cambridgeshire, wins in this section came from Shane Lowe, Nathan Smith, Marty Richards, Rob Hewson, Steve Hamill, Jon Bywater and debutants Kev Tomlinson and Dean Allsopp, but before I go onto the match award winner, I have to point out one other Lincolnshire winner, and perhaps the most popular win of the day, Duncan Hunt got drawn against one of his closest friends , and I have to say, the pressure quite obviously got to both of them, however, it was Duncan who kept his resolve and worked out the win, well done that man !!!. But back to the man of the match, and for me, there was never a more convincing win, from the moment Andy Bingham walked onto the stage, he owned it, a deserved winner, leaving the stage with a single dart average of 26.72. Never have I been more proud of this team, Lincolnshire B men, TAKE A BOW!!!!


We start Sunday's play 13-5 in Lincolnshire's favour, and we get what I thought was a good draw for the ladies A, First Lady up would take the match award, but first, the other winers, Sbg "big bird", scrapped out a monumental win, as did Dawn "dizzy" Armstrong and Heather Lodge, all with a 3-2 score line, but the draw I think the whole room wanted to see, saw the game that produced the match award, with a 180 from both players , and another 3-2 score line, ladies captain Paula " kickass" Jacklin, beat Clair Brookin, with a single dart average of 22.90. The ladies ended the section with a 4-2 win, and on behalf of all of Lincolnshire , LADIES, TAKE A BOW!!!!!!


We start the men's A section 17-7 up, first man up , Gary Blades got the first point in the section, and with it, the 18th point, this assured Lincolnshire of at least a draw, second man on, was Chris "blobby" Fidler, his 4-3 win gave Lincolnshire that vital winning point, and a score line of 19-7. Simon stainton fights out point 20, wins then come from Jock "the cop" Watt, Adam "the pouter" Beck and Dean "the one and only" Baker, special congratulations to Micky Taylor gaining his very first A team win, last man up was Sam "Yamma" Hewson who got Lincolnshire's final point of the day, but for the match award, We go back to game 7, and again, his first match award for the A team, Lloyd Pennell left the stage, (back on form), with a single darts average of 31.78, we are awaiting confirmation of Lloyds averaging taking the divisional award.


Lincolnshire take a massive 26-10 win. And it gives me the greatest of pleasure to announce, right now , Lincolnshire are the top of the premier division !!!!!!


And so, the end of the first county weekend of the new season, massive respect to Cambridgeshire , always a pleasure to play you, no matter what the scoreline, some lovely people and great friendships.


A massive well done to Lincolnshire, to say I'm busting with pride, is an understatement, and I can't wait to see you do it all over again next month, when we take on Yorkshire.


But for now Lincolnshire



Des jacklin

9 out of 9,Rain stops play, jocks not left holding the baby, And what can you say about Nate.

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 9:45 AM

9 out of 9,Rain stops play, jocks not left holding the baby, And what can you say about Nate.


For the final game in Lincolnshire's county season, we travelled to Northwich to play the county of Cheshire, all of Lincolnshire knew, that unless some catastrophe happened, the chances of slipping out of the premier division was slim, and I think the knowledge of this gave Lincolnshire a real high.


We started as always with the Ladies B,and like so many times before, it wasn't the best draw, but the ladies managed to claim 3 of the 6 points on offer, first up and first blood went to Dawn Barnard, 3-2, Dawn has had a great season this time, and is one of the Ladies that has kept Lincolnshire's head above water, The second point was perhaps the hardest, but in many ways maybe the most deserved point in this section, Karen (candy) Staton claimed another 3-2 win, but her game was stopped for at least 20 mins due to a water leak on stage, this break, I think helped Candy on the way to her win, but never the less took nerves of steel, take a bow that lady, but (as they say) " there can be only one", and this time, it was the turn of Shelley Bontoft Gash, It would be fair to say that Shelley has struggled this season, and has been extremely unlucky, and I know it will surprise most of Lincolnshire to know, she has missed out on a match award for 2 seasons, but , back on form, Shelley took a 3-1 win with a single dart average of 17.72, SBG, WELCOME BACK!!!!


We move onto the men's B section, again, same as the ladies, the Lincolnshire team held Cheshire to a 6-6 draw, personally, I found this a little disappointing, Lincolnshire again gave to many legs away missing to many doubles, but then, darts is a complete game that includes scoring as high as u can, and finishing with a double, Lincolnshire's first point came from Marty Richards, this was Marty's first game back in the Lincolnshire squad for 6 months, further points came from the very experienced and reliable Steve Hamill, and Adam "the scrapper" Ward, Adam again living up to his nickname, John Hollins left the stage a winner, and for many, this was perhaps the toughest game of the day as John is an ex Cheshire county player, but again, another display of steel nerves payed off, before we go on to the match award in this section, I have to devote special words to the best game of the day, I have held a young man back as a reserve for 4 months, and for the last 4 games has had to watch others play in front of him, he has done this without complaint, and has been extremely patient, but this weekend, Nathan Smith got his chance to represent Lincolnshire. The odds where most defiantly stacked against Nathan, he was drawn out last and played his game with a score line 8-9 down, needing a personal win for a team draw, all this, and he was to play a very experienced John Glover, as Nathan put in his winning double ( taking the game 4-2) literally every Lincolnshire player and supporter mobbed him to share his win, Nate, you have earned more respect than you know . Before I go onto the match award, I am inviting everyone reading this to give your thoughts on a nick name for Nathan ( and can we steer clear of "ginger balls" and other derogatory names please lol), but back to the match award, and this time it would be taken by expectant father Jock Watt, Jock left the stage with a 4-2 win and a single dart average of 25.38, this, on the day baby number 3 was due, I hoped I wasn't riding Lincolnshire's luck by promoting Jock to Sunday's play, but more about that later.


Over night it's "even Stevens" 9-9, and a Nail biting Sunday to look forward to.


We start with the Ladies A, and for many , the Cheshire ladies A are the toughest in the division, and they showed us why they have that reputation, the Lincolnshire ladies managed just 2 points from this section, and they were the first 2 games on with both ladies averaging 20+, and it has to be said! these 2 ladies have really stepped up to the plate this season, however, so far this season the match award tally stands at Heather Connerton 1, Tammy Montgomery 3 and Paula "kickass"Jacklin 4, so who would take the final "lady of the match award"???? The final honours fell to Tammy Montgomery, Tammy left the stage a 3-1 winner with a single dart average of 20.97. It turned out the the Ladies didn't give us the start we was hoping for, but I don't think anyone can deny, the Lincolnshire ladies A have become a real force to be reckoned with, Ladies each and everyone of you, for the final time this season, TAKE A BOW!!!!


Going into the final section of the day, the score stands 13-11 in Cheshire's favour


We quickly make up the 2 point deficit, thanks to Simon "lefty"Stainton, who played an awesome game of darts, as did Chris "blobby" Fidler, although it was clear , pressure played a big part in both games. Lincolnshire then unfortunately fall asleep for a few games, I think this was partly down to a very strong Cheshire side, but I also think a big part was due to other counties results, (below us in the table) being favourable to Lincolnshire, our future in the premier league was as good as officially guaranteed, our next point came from the " one and only", and what a stylish win it was, because it gave Dean Baker 9 wins out of 9 in the premier division, how special is that?, (and done in the premier division), I think I'm right in saying that Dean is the first Lincolnshire man to do this, but I know I'm right in saying that , everyone in Lincolnshire is so proud of you Dean, this also means Dean gets an automatic WINMAU place at the finals in Hull later in the year, Dean , for the final time this county season, TAKE A BOW!!!!!

Richard "the Grantham ripper" Selby get his first win in Lincolnshire's A team, and I think everyone could see how much that meant to him. But for the match award we have to go back to the first game of the section, and a man that's already been mentioned, Simon Stainton entertained us with one of them special games were used to from him, and earning himself top honours with single dart average of 28.23, well done that man.


Before I sum up the day, and the season, I have to say on behalf of all of Lincolnshire, even though in the end we took a beating from Cheshire, we all had a great weekend with the players and supporters of Cheshire, we were shown fantastic hospitality, and I would like to wish you the very best of luck for your final match of the season.


The day ends Lincolnshire losing 15-21 , but in no way today, or this season have we disgraced ourselves, in fact it gives me great pleasure in proving (the negative ones ), (the haters) WRONG!!!, but we did this as a team, and we shared every win and loss together as a team, people who have been involved with Lincolnshire for years and years have commented how (together) the county is, and I think it has shown in your darts, and I for one, cannot wait to make our challenge on next years premier division.


And that, ladies and gents, is it from me, for this season as far as county reports go, I have totally enjoyed writing my reports for your reading enjoyment, and let's face it Lincolnshire, there's been plenty to write about, good , bad and indifferent, I think quite a few people are expecting me to comment or make statements about the negative remarks Lincolnshire has received, especially at the start of the season, think you all know the ones I mean, " out of our depth", "see you later" etc etc etc, well you know what?, "NO COMMENT" lol.


All that's left to say, for the final time this season, Lincolnshire as ever,




Des Jacklin


Lincolnshire v Essex

Posted on April 13, 2015 at 6:30 AM

Lincolnshire v Essex,

On the 11th /12th April, Lincolnshire hosted the mighty county of Essex for a (pulled in) match, this match was supposed to be played on 30th/31st May, and was the final match off the season, however due to Lincolnshire's venue ( the Blues Club) being unavailable, it was decided between the 2 counties to play on this date.

We started as always with the ladies B, we managed a 3-3 draw in this section, it has to be said that the Lincolnshire ladies did not perform to the standard that we have come to expect, and if we are to make our assault on the premier division next season, this section will have to seriously think hard and make some drastic changes, points in this section came from Karen Staton and Dawn Barnard, but collecting her very first match award a close 3-2 win with a single dart average of 16.58 was Lindsey Wingell .

We move on to the men's B section, and I have to say , the wheels well and truly fell off for Lincolnshire, there was far to many missed doubles and this proved very costly for Lincolnshire, all credit to Essex county though, the object of the game is to hit 4 doubles, and it just so happened that more of their players did just that, wins came from Dan Starkey, Andy Bingham, Steve Hamill and John Hollins, but it was the young wiz kid from Mablethorpe that would take the match award, Rob Hewson left the stage with a 4-1 win and a single dart average of 27-13.

The scores overnight stood at 10-8 in Essex favour.

We start Sunday's play with the ladies A, we didn't get the draw most people wanted, but the Lincolnshire ladies took 4 of the 6 points on offer, Paula had said in the team talk that her ladies would set the score line level by the time the men's A played, and that's exactly what they did, First Lady up Paula "kickass"Jacklin 3-0 win, followed by Layla"baby bird" Bontoft 3-0 win, but game of the day for me was Laura Tye with 3-2 win over Stacey Ellis, (Laura is not an ex WINMAU world master for no good reason), but there can be only one, and this time it was the turn Tammy Montgomery to take the mighty ladies A match award, Tammy left the stage 3-1 win and a single dart average of 22-33.

Thanks to the fantastic performance of the Lincolnshire ladies A, the score stands at 12-12 going into the final section. But before I go on to talk about the men's A section, I really have to say this (if rather tongue in cheek), if your going to announce to the world on facebook, that your coming out of retirement to teach someone a lesson???, then I would suggest that you turn up with your A game, and leave your inappropriate boots at home!!!!! Lol, I'm not quite sure where the inappropriate foot ware story came from, but in the interest of laughter, this time Lincolnshire will take it, ( of course, if it's on facebook, it must be true?)

Onto the men's A, Mark Blackwell gets us our first point, and puts us in front for the first time this weekend since the ladies B section, but it was short lived as we lost the following few points, step up Micky Stocks who battled his way through a tough 4-2 game, we lose the next, but Mr dependable Dean Baker brings us back to 15-15, we go ahead again thanks to a 4-2 win from Sam "Yamma "hewson, we lose 2 more games on the bounce, but then the match award winner brings us back level, a steely Adam "raybans" Beck gives us our final point of the day, and with it, a draw, but back to the match award winner, it was game 10, and the sharp shooting of Chris "Blobby"Fidler with a 4-0 win and a single dart average of 27-45 that would take top honours in this section, Lincolnshire end the weekend 18-18.

It seems to be becoming the story of Lincolnshire's county weekend, but every match is getting better than the last, and we seem to be having more fun with the opposing team every month, Essex, you lot were fantastic, so many of my players have asked me to mention in my write up what great sports you were, and that this weekend has gone down for many of us as the best county weekend we ever had.

I think that the story of the weekend was that Essex had 3 generations of players from the same family playing county darts over the weekend, Sheila Busby, Julie Vickers and Craig Vickers, the pride that family must have," awesome". If Lincolnshire are fortunate enough to remain in the premier division for another season, we are hopeful of a reverse fixture to go to Essex, there we most defiantly take up the offers of a Saturday night out at "sugar hut".

And so, one final game left in this season, and it's a "biggy" Cheshire away in only 2 weeks time, if Lincolnshire want a good result in our final encounter of this season, then lessons have to be learned, I believe Lincolnshire gave away as many legs as we won this weekend, that will simply not cut it against a strong Cheshire side, but hey, let's go all out, give it our best shot, but above all, let's keep enjoying what we're doing.

Lincolnshire, as ever, your captains salute you!!!!!!!



Posted on January 19, 2015 at 10:10 AM

For the 5th county match in the BICC fixture, Lincolnshire welcomed the very experienced county of Glamorgan. After a late start things got under way with the ladies B, the Lincolnshire ladies held their opponents to a 3-3 draw, Natalie Weston held her nerve to get the first point on the board, as did the very experienced Laura Tye, but a game that was very controlled and never really seamed in doubt took the match award with a single dart average of 17.59, take a bow Julie Lambie.

On to the men's B, and again, same as the ladies, the Lincolnshire men held Glamorgan to a 6-6 draw, the score line today I felt was pretty fair, a couple of the Lincolnshire men didn't take the chances when they got them, but to end the day on a 9-9 over all draw against a team far more experienced was I believe a great accomplishment, points today came from, Jon Bywater, Rob Hewson, Andy Bingham and John Hollins, a special mention has to go to Tony Fidler who played a fantastic game on his debut, and came away with a 4-3 win and that all important point in the bag for Lincolnshire, but it was the man from Grantham, Micky Taylor who would take the match award, Micky started his match extremely slow, but after stealing the first 2 legs, got into his stride, and left the stage with a 4-0 win and a single dart average of 25-05.

Over night the score stands at 9-9, with all to play for.....

We kicked off Sunday's play with the ladies A, we got what I considered to be a good draw against a very good Glamorgan side, we managed a 5-1 win in this section, although it has to be said, a couple of the ladies were not on their top game but managed to fight through to secure the win, winners were, Dawn Armstrong, Layla Bontoft, Paula Jacklin and a promoted Laura Tye, but for the second time this season we see the Lincolnshire Ladies A match award go to Tammy Montgommery, with a single dart average 23-86...ouchhh.

Lincolnshire find themselves 14-10 to the better as we move into the mens A section, and a promise of some tasty games, we were not disappointed. The Lincolnshire men carried on where the ladies finished, racking up the points and before we knew it, we were one winning game away from our first outright win in the premier division, the honour of the winning game would fall to the Sleaford Man Graham Mcfarlane , with a 4-1 win and a single dart average 27-27, this average also proved to be the highest Lincolnshire average of the day taking the match award, but Graham didn't do it on his own, other contributing points came from Shane Lowe, Lester Wilkinson, Chris's Fidler, Gary Blades, Micky Stocks, Sam Hewson and Dean Baker, this group of men held it together and put Lincolnshire where they are, but collectively, Lincolnshire " TAKE A BOW".

It has to be said that this weekend although memorable due to our first win, we will also remember the weekend for the new friends made from Glamorgan, never before in my experience have Lincolnshire hosted a better bunch of people, gracious in defeat and all round nice guys, and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Glamorgan all the very best for the rest of the season. I'd also like to give a special mention to Lincolnshire's MC's this weekend, Jude Johnson and Rob Wiles, a sterling job was done by both, and you give our county an Air of professionalism.

And so, our first win in the premier division, I for one feel extremely proud of our achievements as a team, I have every faith in each and every one of you, and feel sure of more winning weekends before the end of this season.

But for now, as ever,



Posted on December 2, 2014 at 11:35 AM


Firstly may i take this opportunity to apologize to the players and supporters of Lincolnshire, for no County report last month, without dwelling to much on the events of the last county match, i felt that, to remain quiet, was the best way forward, and although i never confused personal issues with Lincolnshire County, it seemed there were plenty of other people trying to "muddy the water". I would like to apologize to everyone who expected to see their name in my report, and make a promise to all of you, that never again will i fail to do a County report, and many thanks to every one of you that has offered your support, thank you, des,,,

Lincolnshire took the short trip down to Warwickshire for the 4th BICC fixture of the inter county season, with high hopes and a strong team, Lincolnshire took on the well established premier team the "Warwickshire BEARS".

First section up, the ladies B, this section has struggled so far this season, but all 6 ladies new what was needed, and this was reiterated in the Lincolnshire team talk. The ladies B soon found the formula to win the section 4-2, and i personally think they were close to a 6-0 win, first lady up Julie Lambie, and a great first point of the weekend, this was quickly followed by 3 points from Sharon Magan, Lindsey Wingell and lady of the match Laura Tye, who played a real controlled game, with a 3-1 win, and a single dart average of 18.29.

Onto the men's B, and i along with every one else probably thought that this could be a great Saturday win for Lincolnshire, Warwickshire however, had other ideas, Warwickshire's first man on, really set the trend for most of their younger players, that is not meant as any disrespect to any of the older guys, but the young Warwickshire "brat pack", played what you would call "proper darts", and i think it would be fair to say, that on the whole, the Warwickshire B team deserved their win, however , we did claim 5 points, Lincolnshire winners were Karl Abbiss, Andy Bingham, a debut win for Shawn Wilson and a sentimental, personal, win for Adam Ward, for reasons that most of Lincolnshire are aware of, but to private for this write in this report, but from everyone that watched you Adam, well done!!!, there was one more winning game, and it took the match award, i have always felt that this guy is a no nonsense player, fly's under the radar, and before you know it, your on the end of a loosing game,Graham Macfalane left the stage with a 4-1 win and a single dart average 26.38.

over night the scores stand at 9-9.

Sunday arrives, and with it , the ladies A, Lincolnshire got what i consider to be the best draw we could have hoped for, and as a result held the Warwickshire girls to a 3-3 draw, points in this section came from Tammy Montgommery, Dawn Armstrong, but as we've seen so many times over the past couple of years, the last game on, it would come down to the Lincolnshire ladies captain to get the draw for Lincolnshire, and again she lived up to her name, taking the match award with a 3-1 win and a single dart average of 22-43 was Paula "KICKASS"Jacklin.

The final section of the weekend was men's A, first man up with a shaky start, but claimed the point was Dean Baker, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that this was going to be Lincolnshire's first winning weekend of the season, but how wrong we were, Lincolnshire ended up getting spanked 8-4, that is a score line i have no problem with, if we were "out played" like the previous day, but this was not the case, every county game tells a story, and Lincolnshire's, on this occasion, was "MISSED DOUBLES", and a shed load of them, a mixture of grit, determination and "a get out of jail free card" gave Micky Stocks a win, Simon Stainton took it to the wire, and got Lincolnshire's 3rd point, but the match award this time, with a single dart average 27.98, went to Chris "BLOBBY" Fidler, again Chris is another player to battle demons this weekend, but came out on top. Lincolnshire again loose by just 2 games, the final score 20-16.

It has to be said, Warwickshire were absolutely brilliant hosts, Lincolnshire were treated to some great hospitality, we made new friends, caught up with old friends, and on behalf of Lincolnshire, id like to say a very big thank you yo Warwickshire, this weekend rates as one of the best.

As far as the darts were concerned, it was a very disappointing weekend for Lincolnshire, i really felt that we should of had a draw, and again , it was all down to missed doubles, but just because we missed doubles, doesn't mean we should have won, whoever hits the winning double deserves the win, end of, Lincolnshire, if we are to stay up in the premier division, we must learn to hit doubles under pressure, if not, its a one way ticket back to where we don't want to be, we've worked so hard this past 3 years, to just throw it away (if you pardon the expression), Lincolnshire , i believe in and support every one of you, so heads up, and lets get back on it.


Lincolnshire v Yorkshire

Posted on October 14, 2014 at 7:20 PM


For the second County match in the BICC season, Lincolnshire played host to the mighty county of Yorkshire, for many Lincolnshire players, Yorkshire is the most successful team in the whole county set up, so a good performance this weekend was vital, to keep our heads above water in the premier division.

We started the weekend as always with the ladies B section, ladies captain Paula Jacklin, has been working very hard with the ladies in this section, and it seamed to pay off this weekend, we managed a 3-3 draw, points came from Laura Tye,( who played a very controlled game), and then Natalie Weston who on her 1st match for Lincolnshire in 3 seasons, checked 115 to win 3-0, but the 1st game of the day took the match award, shes no stranger to this honor, with more match award photos than the Tate gallery, Dawn Barnard won with a single dart average of 18-81.

We move onto the men's B, and with some solid performances over the last 12 months, i expected it to be close, we lost this section 5-7, but remember, that's only 1 loss from a draw, it has to be said,(with absolutely no disrespect intended to the Yorkshire side), we were a little disappointed with this out come, 2 of Lincolnshire men that played in this section, simply missed to many doubles, and unfortunately, playing in this company, it proved costly, if this section hope for a better result next month, finishing has to be tighter. Points in this section came from Rob Hewson (on his first match back in 2 seasons), and the ever faithful lads, Carl Abbiss and Gary Blades, a special mention has to go to Lincolnshire "newbie" John Hollins, John missed doubles in the first 3 legs, and seamed to be "dead and buried" (to ye of little faith), but he fought back, and won his game 4-3, but we can't christen John with the nick name "scrapper",for this name already belongs to the match award winner, with another fine performance, step up Adam Ward, Adam rarely fails to impress, and this day was no different, taking the match award with a single darts average of 27.37.

Over night the scores stand at 13-11 in Yorkshires favor.

Sunday brings a new day , and a new set of players, it was now turn of the Lincolnshire ladies A, we were up against a very strong ladies team from Yorkshire, but we managed a 3-3 draw again, its been a great start to the season for Shelley Bontoft Gash, claiming another point for Lincolnshire, (still not at her best, but its coming girl), another point from Dawn Armstrong, it seams, just point this lady at a double, and the points in the bag, and you know by now i very rarely mention losing games, but how can i not say "hard luck" to Layla Bontoft, we are so lucky to have this bright young star, but there can be only 1, and it just seams this lady is on a high right now, playing against world ranked number 5 Racheal Brookes, whom she partners regularly ,and holds many international titles with, the match award went to Paula KICKASS Jacklin, with a single dart average of 20-93. Paula, take a bow.

Going into the men's A section, and Lincolnshire find themselves 11 - 13 down, but with a fantastic field of men still to play, i'm feeling quietly confident, and besides that, ive known Yorkshire take 30+ points over a weekend, so sitting here with 11 points already, well that's more than a lot of people thought we were going to get any way, "step up the boys" , well unfortunately it didn't quite go as well as hoped, and we lost this section 4-8, that score line in no way reflected the games, Lincolnshire know at least 3 men ought to have won their games, but that's all "wudda, cudda shudda", the answer, boys , "learn from your mistakes", the points that Lincolnshire did get however, looked very good, and you would be forgiven for thinking that any 1 of the 4 players took the match award, but i suppose that's premier darts, win's today came from Sam "YAMMA" Hewson, Mark Blackwell, and Lester Wilkinson, to be totally honest, there was very little to split between these guys, premier darts has simply made the step up to the plate, but as always, there can be only 1 match award, when Lincolnshire desperately need a point on the board, few would disagree that this man, is the man to get, Dean Baker simply left the stage with the finest performance of the weekend, the match award and a single dart average of 29-51.

It has to be said, a number of Lincolnshire players have asked me to mention in my write up, the this weekend like the previous month, rates as one of the finest weekends Lincolnshire have had, it was a pleasure to play the county of Yorkshire, and although things got a little heated at the start of Sunday's play, everything ended just fine, and for that i would like to publicly thank Yorkshire.

Lincolnshire players have worked hard over the past 2 years to get into the premier division, and we've done it together, the easy thing for any player to do, (if they want to play for a premier team), is move to a ready made team, a team that's already there, but Lincolnshire stop and think, the pride and self satisfaction we have, knowing we did it all by ourselves.

Lincolnshire end the weekend loosing 15-21, so readers tell me, ,why do i feel like we won 21-15?, when i stood on the stage reading out my speech and giving the match awards out at the end of the weekend, and i looked out over the room full of Lincolnshire shirts, i felt more pride in loosing than i think I've ever felt from winning at any other county match, we gave Yorkshire a scare this weekend, we knew how good they were, they now know how good we are!!!. Lincolnshire, we are here to stay.


Cambridgeshire v Lincolnsire

Posted on October 14, 2014 at 7:10 PM

For the first county match in the 2014/2015 season, Lincolnshire traveled to play Cambridgeshire in the town of march, Due to unforeseen circumstances, both, myself and wife Paula, could not attend, so in our absence, we appointed Tammy Mongomery as captain. as ever we started the weekend with the ladies B, the Lincolnshire ladies soon found themselves on the end of a 6-0 defeat, this would prove costly at the end of the weekend, although i cannot comment first hand on the why's or wherefore's, but the general opinion was down to missed doubles for at least 3 of the Lincolnshire ladies. Now i normally pick out the positives in each section to write about, but with such a crushing scoreline, its very difficult, so i'am going to have to break my own rules, Last year the ladies B section proved problematic, and yes, on the surface of it, it hasn't been the best start to this new season, but had the ladies B last year lost one more game, we would not be in the premier division now, so some might say, the ladies B team got us here!!!, but whatever, we have to seriously look at our strategy for the next match just 4 weeks away. On to the men's B section, and we claimed 7 of the 12 points on offer, really solid performances were noted by, Micky Taylor, Shane Lowe and Adam beck, points in this section also came from, Jon Bywater, Richard Selby and Graham Mcfarlane, take into consideration Lincolnshire's first premier match for 10 seasons, and going into the section 6-0 down, them men played fantastic, however, there can be only one, Lester Wilkinson put in a blistering performance and claimed the match award with a single dart average of 29.04, take a bow that man!!!!!!, the scores stood over night 11 / 7 in Cambridgeshire's favor




Onto Sunday's games, and we started with the the ladies A section, we knew we was going to be treated with some class games, and to be fair, none disappointed, in fact every lady apart from 1, hit over a 20 average, we got a 3-3 draw from this section, which was perhaps the most fair result considering the quality from both sides, Lincolnshire's first point of the day came from 3rd lady on Tammy Montgomery, and then perhaps the most fought for and entertaining ladies game, saw Shelley Bontofts-Gash claim the vital equalizing point. (6th on, always the hardest), but for the match award we have to go back to the 4th game, after being in Spain for 3 nights, with only 2 hours sleep, and travelling from 2am, Paula "KICKASS"Jacklin left the stage with a 3-1 win and single dart average of 23.70.



We move onto the men's A section, and i've been banging on for about 3 years on how the Lincolnshire A men, can hold their own with the best of them, well today they proved me right, again we took 7 of the 12 points on offer, wins came from Chris Fidler, Jock Watt, Micky Stocks, Dean Baker, Lloyd Pennell and a freshly promoted (from yesterdays B team) Adam Beck, part of my job as captain is to offer advice wherever i can help, and i know that today to of the men, took the advice i gave them, and left the stage winners, but as ever , there has to be a match award, this time is came from the guy that was playing and travelling with myself and Paula from Spain through the night, again with only 2 hours sleep, Sam Hewson left the stage with a single dart average of 27.83, i try my very best not to be bias, however, this young mans talent cannot be denied, and i predict the brightest of futures for him, we end the weekend with Cambridgeshire the victors 19-17.




From a personal perspective, i am delighted with the way Lincolnshire conducted themselves, the fight they showed was second to none, at one point of the weekend, Lincolnshire were 11-2 down, and i have to admit the pride i have for every single player.



Congratulations have to go to the Cambridgeshire team, results don't lie, and on the whole, they played just that bit better, it also has to be said that for many, this was the best darting county weekend Lincolnshire have ever had, Cambridgeshire were absolutely fantastic hosts, and i felt that it was the darts that was supported, rather than individual players.

Looking forward, next months match against the mighty Yorkshire, lessons have to be learned from this weekend if we want to keep out heads above water, the good news is, Lincolnshire is 7th in the premier table, so not a bad start to our first premier season, this weekend has been a pleasure, thank you all.




Des Jacklin