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Lincolnshire v Devon

Posted on February 8, 2016 at 10:05 AM

For the 6th game of the BICC County season, Lincolnshire took on the mighty county of Devon

We started as usual with the Ladies B, and unfortunately, this section didn't get the start that Lincolnshire was hoping for, this was due mainly to a strong Devon side, there was a few positives to take from the games played , but ultimately, we didn't manage to get a point, lessons to learn!.

Onto the men's B, and we managed a 6-6 draw, points in this section came from Kev Tomlinson, Jon Bywater, Chris Fidler, Steve Hamill, and another "Stella" performance from Martin Bell, but the match award, with a blistering 32.32 single dart average was "Prince Charming" himself, Karl Forrington. A great draw from the men's B section, and we was unlucky not to get 2 more points, but on the whole, a solid performance.

Over night we are 12-6 in the red

Onto Sunday's games, and not the best draw for the Ladies A, we managed 2 points, not surprising though when you see the Devon side, they have a couple of "stand out" players, but on the whole, one of the strongest teams in the Country with no easy games, heather Connerton got Lincolnshire's First Ladies point of the weekend in what can only be described as a "nightmare" game, but scrapped her way to the win, the only other point took the match award, Paula"KICKASS"Jacklin left the stage with a single dart average of 22.46, well done to the Mrs on this one, an expected point carries so much pressure.

And finally we come onto the men's A section, and I'll say it right now, Lincolnshire men's A "TAKE A BLEEDING BOW" you were simply fantastic, even Devon said how great you were, we lost the first point, this saw a 17-8 score line in Devon's favour, "UNLEASH THAT CAN OF WHOOPASS" lol, points came thick and fast, here's the winners, Adam " THE. SCRAPPER"Ward, Simon Stainton,Mark Blackwell,Jock "THE COP" Watt, Karl Forrington, Rob Hewson, Micky Taylor and Adam " BLUE STEEL" Beck, a great winning men's A weekend. With the final game to play, Devon had the all important 18th point, the weekend came down to 1 final game, and it has to be said, (both men, both great players, both overcome by nerves), and who cud blame them, in the end, Lincolnshire lose 17-19, but deserved winners Devon take the 3 bonus points. But back to the match award, and when this guy makes a come back, he don't do it in half measures, I say come back, it may have gone unnoticed to some, but this guy has lost a couple of games of late, but not content with just a win and a County point, this man takes the match award too, part of the Lincolnshire team " back bone ", Dean " THE ONE AND ONLY" Baker left the stage with a single dart average of 27.66, well done that man and welcome back !

I cannot remember a better weekend of darts, the Devon players were absolutely fantastic and a credit to the sport, every game was played in great spirits, and it feels good when you know that Devon feels the same, and on behalf of Lincolnshire, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Devon, all the very best for the remainder of the year.

I really hope that we stay in premier this season, if for no other reason than to travel to Devon, to give them the chance to return the hospitality, this was a similar feeling I had last year with Essex, and we got them in 2 months.

And so, only 3 matches left to play, and miraculously we go up a place in the division, ( out of the relegation zone) , it would be fair to say that this season has not gone in the way I had hoped it would, however, I'm experiencing it with a great bunch of people, my Lincolnshire friends, and friends we are all making at other counties.

It was a loss this weekend Lincolnshire, but I've never meant the following more.

Lincolnshire,,,, YOUR CAPTAINS SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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