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Its not just about the Pasties

Posted on March 7, 2016 at 6:30 AM


Ladies B -  a breath of fresh air !!!!!

For the 7th game of the BICC, Lincolnshire travelled to the county of Cornwall, and for the bottom 4 / 5 teams this weekend was very important.

We started with the ladies B, and after a very brief team talk, Sue Edwards took to the stage and showed us why she had been scouted for the team, but before I elaborate, a few words about the rest of the ladies B. This has been a highly criticised section, but this weekend the ladies got it together, and claimed 4 of the 6 points on offer, wins came from, Sharon Megan, Laura Tye and Emma Tomlinson, these ladies all fought it out and got the mighty Lincolnshire off to a great start, but for the match award, we go back to that first game of the day, Sue Edwards gave the ladies inspiration by claiming Lincolnshire's first point in this section for 3 matches, and despite missing many doubles, left the stage a winner with a single dart average of 20.31. Sue has fitted straight into the Lincolnshire side and from all of the team I've Been asked to say, Sue, "welcome to Lincolnshire".

Onto the men's B, and I have to say from the start, all the men's games were of a great standard, it turned out that we won this section 7-5. The men's B have been really strong on the whole this season and have really "held their own", wins in this section came from Craig "GET A SHAVE ALREADY"Hill, John Hollins, Richard "TRICKY"Selby, Kev Tomlinson, Chris "BLOBBY" Fidler and Gary Blades, but the match award came from debutant Joby Booth, Joby played perhaps the most controlled game from a "county first timer" I have ever seen, he hit back every ton+ score with one of his own, and smashed the double with his first dart, every time, Joby left the stage, a 4-3 winner with a single dart average of 28.90, and was promoted to Sunday's play.

Lincolnshire lead Cornwall 11-7

The draw for the Ladies A, was a pretty even split, and that was proved with a 3-3 draw, points came from Tammy Montgomery and Heather lodge, both had scrappy games, but both know how to hit that winning double,and it's kept Lincolnshire in with a shout of staying in the premier division, but there can be only 1 match award, and this time it went to a lady that ain't claimed this award for a couple of seasons, but this weekend, with a flurry of huge scores right when she needed them, Dawn "DIZZY" Armstrong took the lady of the match award, with a single dart average of 22.82, it was a cracking game, well done Dawn.

And so onto the final section of the day, I said I would be happy with a 6-6 draw, and that exactly what we got, the Lincolnshire men produced the grit needed to keep us out of the relegation zone, the all important wins/ points came from Simon "LEFTY" Stainton, Dean "THE ONE AND ONLY" Baker, Adam "SCRAPPER"Ward, Micky "DRILLBIT"Taylor and a second point of the weekend from Joby Booth, I will say right now for those that were not there to see Joby's game, he was fantastic, not the highest of averages, but it had everything, and for me, was the most entertaining game of the day, well done that man, but for the highly prestigious men's A match award, we have to go back to the second game of the day, no stranger to this award, Chris "BLOBBY" Fidler took the match a 4-1 winner with a single dart average 28.81.

On the whole, a fantastic winning weekend for Lincolnshire, the darts was great, the company even better, we got chance to catch up with our Cornish friends, and made more friends on top, I'd like to thank Cornwall for their hospitality this weekend, and best of luck for the final 2 games of the season.

And so Lincolnshire, we are now into 7th position with just Cheshire and Essex left to play, with what I've seen this weekend, I know we can make history, and stay in the premier division for 3 consecutive seasons, we have the team to do it, and I believe now WE HAVE THE MORAL, it's been a pleasure to captain you fantastic lot this weekend, but for now, as ever, one final thing left to say,,,,


Des Jacklin.

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