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The Only way is Essex

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM


For the final County match of the season, Lincolnshire travelled to Chelmsford to play the County of Essex, The last time we played Essex we got an 18-18 draw, however, we knew they had played very strong this season, and we were sitting in 7th position, with only a few points separating the bottom 4, and everything to play for.

I'll say right now, I will try and mention everyone in the team, but with 36 of you, its not going to be easy, so here goes'.

We get started with the ladies B, Paula had dropped into this section, firstly because, with losing the last match, she was eligible, secondly, we thought Sue's win 2 months earlier inspired the ladies to an overall win, and thirdly, it just shows character to the rest of the team, (never ask of others, what you cant do yourself). First player up, Sharon Magan, and gets us our first point of the weekend, and last lady on, Julie Lambie gets us a 3-3 draw, I think the intensity of the weekend played a huge part in Chris Vietch and Emma Tomlinson's game, with the nerves really showing, and Laura Tye was so unlucky in her game, but we will take a 3-3 draw ladies B section every month, but it was back to the second game of the day for the match award, Paula did the job she set out to do, nothing fancy, just a steady controlled 3 leg game with 100% check out rate earning her a single dart average of 20.59. Its fair to say , this section has struggled this season, Lincolnshire will find it so much easier if, this section can lift its single dart average by just 1.5 to 2 points, hitting that all important double (quicker), is the key, we will stand by you ladies, we are in it together!.

On to the men's B section, and it was perhaps the most disappointing result of the weekend, we managed just 3 points, this was a huge blow to us, although we cannot and will not take anything away from a very strong Essex side, 3 of my guys, ought to left that stage winners, however, it wasn't to be, and Essex, (quite deservedly), went on to win the entire premier division men's B section, well done Essex men. But back to our guys, and they are all there for a reason, all of them at some point or another, won for Lincolnshire in the past, winners this time round was Scott Bennett and Craig Hill, we were treated to some thrilling 7 leg games, but sadly lost all of them accept Craig's, i'm hopeful that our new 'signee' ,Mark Foreman, enjoyed his experience enough play next year!!!, and to all those that lost, it turned out that your losses just added to the drama of the weekend, as I've said before, we win as a team, we lose as a team. But there can be only one, and this match award has been a long time coming, 'step up Jonny B', a barrage of heavy scoring, plus some 'razor sharp' doubles, gave Jon Bywater a single dart average of 28.45, and the highest Lincolnshire men's winning average of the weekend.

We end Saturdays play 12-6 down, and one extremely unhappy captain lol.

Sunday morning arrives, and with it, fresh outlook, i'm thinking, lets get a good draw, and another season in the premier is still possible. A good draw was hoped for, and that's exactly what we got, so much so, that was what I based my team talk around, unfortunately, the Essex ladies played a 'blinder', and I didn't see it coming, now that's not to say I underestimated the Essex ladies, individually they are all extremely good, but they all hit it together and got 4 great points, and to be honest they were close to a perfect 6, luckily for Lincolnshire, we had Heather Lodge, who can (and has) fought for England lol, and an 'ex winmau' world master in Laura Tye, both ladies got the win, and with it 2 valuable points, but this time it was Laura who took the match award, with a single dart average of 21.98. I'm a huge fan of the ladies game, and this weekend saw 10 ladies from Essex and Lincolnshire achieve a 20+ single dart average, you put on a show for us ladies, and i'd like to thank you for that.

And so on to the final section of the weekend, and my fantastic Lincolnshire men's A, I cannot tell you how much I promote the Lincolnshire men's A, whenever I get the chance to talk about them, I do so with so much pride, they have rose to the challenge on so many occasions, I , like so many others, depend on them, and why shouldn't I?, I cannot speak about them without saying the words awesome, fantastic, as that is what they are, and today, they didn't disappoint, although , it didn't always look that way. We lost the first game, Adam Beck won us the second, Lloyd Pennell narrowly missed the 122 on the bull, losing the 3rd game with a single dart average of 29.29, we took the 2nd and 3rd point from Mark Blackwell and Craig Hill, now folks, at this point in time, i'm sat on the top table, laptop on with darts for windows on the Hampshire / Cornwall match, I pad with darts for windows on Devon / Warwickshire, and I watch Karl Forrington, Chris Fidler and Jock What, do 'not much wrong', and still lose, and to put it mildly, i'm starting to feel a little nauseous, step up Simon Stainton, from 2-0 down, Simon won 4 straight legs and got our 4th point in the section, it was then that Cornwall reached 18 points in their match, meaning, Lincolnshire needed just 1 point to stay in the Premier Division. it was the time for 'Drill Bit' to take to the stage, and I've got to say, Micky Taylor has become one of those guys, where you think, 'yep, were gonna do this', Micky kept his nerve, just as I've come to expect him to, although the game did have its moments, in fact when he was called on tops for the win, I had to look away, the room was silent, every person there knew the importance of his next 3 darts, I heard Micky's first dart hit the board ( thud), and a slight gasp, then I heard his second dart hit the board( thud), and the room erupted, WERE IN THE PREMIER AGAIN!!!.

I think the best compliment Lincolnshire can get, is when the opposing team then all come and congratulate you on staying in the Division, and that my friends, make me very proud. With no disrespect meant to either side's players, the last 2 points were 'run of the mill' for my guys, yes all 4 guys remaining wanted to win, and needed to for themselves, but it almost felt like the match had ended with Micky's point, and to be honest, that's a little disappointing, because the final 2 games from Adam Ward and Dean Baker, were just as entertaining as the 16 games before, and I for one am glad it didn't come down to a 1 game shoot out, as its been so many times in the past, never the less, both Adam and Dean won their points for Lincolnshire, and that's nothing less than I expect from them 2 men. But back to the match award, this time it went to a young guy that has only played 'treble board' for a year or so, its his first season for Lincolnshire, and his A team debut, Craig Hill impressed so much, I promoted him from the previous day's play, he got 2 points over the weekend, and took the A team match award with a single dart average 27.43. The mighty Lincolnshire men, win this section 7-5, over a very good Essex team,Lincolnshire boys, take a bow.

The final score was 21-15, and I could not be more proud.

If you ask any of Lincolnshire's team or supporters, what is the team they look forward to playing the most, the majority will say Essex, we have a fantastic time with you, be it home or away, win, lose or draw, we have great friends within Essex, and I for one cant wait till the last game of next season and I've got to say special thanks to Lynn Kelly, (and she knows why).

Lincolnshire, together we have made Lincolnshire history, never before have we made 3 consecutive years in the Premier Division, what makes me proud, is the fact that, at the start of my captaincy nearly 6 years ago, lets say, a few people were a little (sceptical) lol, but together, we have made history for Lincolnshire, we've made ground breaking decision's, and its come good, your belief in both me and Paula, makes our jobs easy, never let it be said, that any one person has done more than any other for our great county, we've done it together, and made ourselves a cutting edge Premier team, and that, is something special.

On to 2016/2017 season lets hope its as great as this ones been.

but for now, Lincolnshire, as ever YOUR CAPTAINS SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Des Jacklin

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