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Posted on April 4, 2017 at 6:20 AM

Lincolnshire v Cheshire

For the penultimate match in the BICC season, Lincolnshire took the 3 hour drive to the mighty County of Cheshire, now Cheshire was 3rd in the division and have been a premier team for many years, and this weekend was always going to be a mouthwatering encounter.

We started as always with the Ladies B, and to be totally honest , this section has really' dug deep' over the past few matches, and pulled out some great wins, this weekend proved to be pivotal in our quest to stay in the premier division, the girls took 4 of the 6 points on offer and got us off to a great start, points came from Layla Bontoft, Bobbi Hughes and Julie Lambie ( on her 75th appearance for Lincolnshire), but the lady of the match this time went to Shelley Bontoft-Gash with a single dart average of 19.78.

On to the Mens B, and again we were in for some great games and managed to take 7 points out of a strong Cheshire side, wins came from Johnny Baker, Lloyd Pennell, Shane Lowe, Lee Price, Dan Whitlam and a first win in his County career for young Leighton Bennett, but wth a single dart average of 27.82, Jock Watt took the match award, and with it, promotion into Sunday's play along with Lloyd Pennell.

The B team gave us a great start to the weekend and to be fair, we were unlucky not to have taken a few more points, but hey, I'll take an 11-7 B team win any day of the week.

It has to be said, we got a disastrous start to Sunday's play, our Ladies A had, well , I think some would would call it a "mare", I say , it was a bad day at the office, and we all have them, what makes it so hard to swallow for me, is the quality of the ladies A side, and then to lose 1-5, but we will put this one down to experience and move on, we managed 1 point, i'm going to talk a little more about this particular point at the end of this write up, the ladies A match award went to Dawn Armstrong with a single dart average of 17.88.

Well what can you say about the magnificent Mens A, ( I know how to pick em!!!). Going into this final section the score line stood at 12-12 and with the Cheshire team on a roll, you would be forgiven for thinking we were facing our 4th team loss this season, but the Lincolnshire Mens A had other ideas, I witnessed some fantastic games, I mean some real " scraps" were had by most of the men and i'm pleased to say that Lincolnshire came off the victors, and we deserved it, a couple of games stood out for me, the first was Adam Beck, half way through his game, he had absolutely no Bussiness at all of winning that game, but that guy 'Dug deep" and pulled off one of the finest wins I've seen in a long time, Micky Taylor, in my option is one of Lincolnshire's "class acts", his game seems to just (fly under the radar), and before you know it, he's whipped your ass, both these guys are a pleasure to watch and captain, however, their point meant no more, or less than the other 5 guys that won. The other winners in this section came from the quality Mark Forman, Lloyd Pennell (2nd point of the weekend), Adam Ward ( another scrap), and another "Stella" performance from Karl Jon Forrington, all these men, take a bow, but there can be only 1, and it came from a guy that has literally took this season ( by the scruff of the neck), Mark Wadey Wilson blasted his way to a 4-0 win with a single dart average of 29.47.

Lincolnshire win 19-17 and in doing so have just about secured our place in the premier for another season, and I'll say again ( god I can pick a team!!!!!) lol.

Before I sum up the weekend I must go back to Dawn Armstrong's game, now it wasn't her best performance by far, however, that 1 point she got us, as far as i'm concerned, was worth 4 points this game, it was a point that came at the lowest part of the weekend, and it just may have been the most important point of the weekend, and although at the time ( i'm pulling my hair out) when we are losing points I don't believe we ought to be, on hindsight, we are so lucky to have players such as Dawn, that give their all for Lincolnshire, and by that I suppose I mean each and every one of you, and I'd just like to say , I feel truly privileged to be a part of Lincolnshire with you.

And so on to the final game of the season (Essex), and its time to make a prediction , now it's looking like our friends from Essex are going to be relegated into division 1, but just because they have had a rough season, DO NOT EXPECT AN EASY RIDE, these guys are quality, and it would be just our luck for Essex to hit form all on the final BICC weekend against us. So with all due respect, we will treat this final game of the season as if it was the first.

So as I sit here in the Spanish sunshine, it's now time for me to sign off, I hope you all enjoy reading this months "write up", and I luck forward to seeing you all next month for our final match at the Blues Club,

But for now as always



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