Lincolnshire County Darts Organisation


County Fixtures 2018-2019

15/16th September 2018
Cheshire v Lancashire
Essex v Lincolnshire
Hampshire v Glamorgan
West Midlands v Northamptonshire
Yorkshire v Warwickshire
13/14th October 2018
Glamorgan v Cheshire
Lancashire v Essex
Lincolnshire v Yorkshire
Northamptonshire v Hampshire
Warwickshire v West Midlands
3rd/4th November 2018
Cheshire v Warwickshire
Essex v Glamorgan
Hampshire v West Midlands
Lincolnshire v Lancashire
Yorkshire v Northamptonshire
1st/2nd December 2018
Glamorgan v Lancashire
Hampshire v Yorkshire
Northamptonshire v Cheshire
West Midlands v Essex
8/9th December 2018
Warwickshire v Lincolnshire
12/13th January 2019
Lancashire v Warwickshire
19/20th January 2019
Cheshire v Hampshire
Essex v Northamptonshire
Lincolnshire v Glamorgan
Yorkshire v West Midlands
9/10th February 2019
Glamorgan v Yorkshire
Hampshire v Lancashire
Northamptonshire v Lincolnshire
Warwickshire v Essex
West Midlands v Cheshire
2nd/3rd March 2019
Cheshire v Yorkshire
Essex v Hampshire
Glamorgan v Warwickshire
Lancashire v Northamptonshire
Lincolnshire v West Midlands
30th/31st March 2019
Cheshire v Lincolnshire
Hampshire v Warwickshire
Northamptonshire v Glamorgan
West Midlands v Lancashire
Yorkshire v Essex
27/28th April 2019
Essex v Cheshire
Glamorgan v West Midlands
Lancashire v Yorkshire
Lincolnshire v Hampshire
Warwickshire v Northamptonshire


2019 - 2020 Season
14/15th September 2019
12/13th October 2019
2/3rd November 2019
30th Nov/1st December 2019
18/19th January 2020
8/9th February 2020
29th Feb/1st March 2020
28/29th March 2020
25/26th April 2020
2020 - 2021 Season
5/6th September 2020
10/11th October 2020
31st Oct/1st November 2020
28/29th November 2020
16/17th January 2021
13/14th February 2021
6/7th March 2021
27/28th March 2021
24/25th April 2021

2021 -2022 Season
4/5th September 2021
2/3rd October 2021
6/7th November 2021
4/5th December 2021
15/16th January 2022
12/13th February 2022
5/6th March 2022
26/27th March 2022
23/24th April 2022
2022 -2023 Season
3/4th September 2022
1/2nd October 2022
5/6th November 2022
3/4th December 2022
21/22nd January 2023
11/12th February 2023
4/5th March 2023
1/2nd April 2023
22/23rd April 2023


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